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Sinopsis: En esta sección se podrán consultar los proyectos de la Asociación y descargar .pdf con información referente a cada uno de ellos.


Dalia and the Red Book

Sinopsis: Adolfo (55), a famous story writer, decides to write his first novel and makes his daughter Dalia (6) the gift of allowing her to include a character in the story. She picks a goat, like her fuzzy toy. After her father´s death, Dalia (15) is kidnapped by the characters in her father´s story. Through a portal, they make her a part of the unfinished novel´s plot: The Red book. While she struggles to find a way out and helped by the goat, Dalia must come face to face with the characters in the story, which will do anything to become the main characters of the book. She is the only one capable of writing the final chapter though she doesn´t feel confident enough. Dalia has only 12 hours, one blank page and a pen to complete the story. The adventure into the book will bring her to realize who her father´s friends and enemies were; she will write the ending and discover whether she too wants to be a writer or not.

Story Line: Dalia (12), has the task of finishing her recently dead father´s unfinished book. In order to do so, she will become part of the story and come face to face with the characters who have taken over the plot in their struggle to play the leading roles.

Directed By: David Bisbano
Produced By: Vista sur Films (ARGENTINA) & Golem Studio (PERU)
International Sales: Filmsharks International
Genre: 3D Animation. Adventure, Fantasy.
Target Audience: School/Young teenagers/Family.
Screening Format: DCP
Image: 2:35 - Color
Duration: 85 minutes
Sound: Digital 5.1 / Languages: Spanish & English

Project Progress Sheet
Project: In course. Work in progress.
Script: Bible and Animatic available (Spanish and English).
Distribution: There is an agreement of international pre-selling and funding searching with Filmsharks International (Argentina)
Collaboration necessary: Coproduction, funding and distribution.
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GÉNERO: Animation: Adventure, Fantasy.

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